Becoming a Committer#


This document and the intention behind it are based laregly on Apache Airflow’s policy for committers.

Openverse as an open source project is supported and sustained by those who contribute to it. On profiles, there are only two Team Profile Badges: one for contributors and one for team members or, more commonly, maintainers (see this page for a list of current maintainers). There exists a third category of contributors between those who have made the requisite contributions to earn the initial badge and those who maintain the project: Openverse Committers.

There are no strict guidelines/requirements for becoming a committer. Candidates for becoming committers are typically people that are active contributors and community members and have made numerous or consistent contributions to the project in any of the forms listed on our contribution guide. Once one or several maintainers feel these contributions have made a significant impact, that contributor may be asked to become a committer.

Committer benefits#

While there is no strict time or engagement requirement for becoming a committer, the role of committer comes with a few benefits:

  • Granted write access to the repository (i.e. the ability to make and push branches on the primary fork, merge code, etc.)

  • Self-assign issues as desired (rather than asking to be assigned)

  • Perform review for open pull requests


Interested in becoming a committer? Check out the contributing guide or reach out to one of the maintainers to see how you can begin contributing to the project.