Codespell Configuration : spellcheck pre-commit hook#

The main codespell configuration lives in the root directory’s pyproject.toml. Because the skip configuration variable does not support TOML arrays, in order to make the configured skip directories and files more readable and maintainable, they are configured as arguments to the command. However, codespell configuration also relies on a variety of special, individual files to configure ignores and special words. Those files are contained in this directory in order to avoid increasing the number of random configuration files in the project root. Each file is described below and uses a .txt extension to disambiguate format.

Most of these files support arbitrary lines used as comments. For the sake of convention, these lines should be prefixed with ;; to designate a comment as opposed to a #. ;; is used because it is not significant in any of the languages or configuration files we use, and it is thus extremely unlikely to cause a false-positive.


Be aware of the following codespell limitations:

  • Case-sensitive corrections are not available:


ignore_lines.txt is used to configure the following setting:

  -x FILE, --exclude-file FILE
                        ignore whole lines that match those in the file FILE. The lines in FILE should match the to-be-excluded lines exactly

Pay special attention to the format of this file. Each line of the file must match the target line to ignore exactly. In other words, if a line has leading whitespace, that whitespace must be included. For example, if we need to ignore the last line of the following:

    - name: amazing step
        misspelled-action-argment: hello world!

The line in ignore_lines.txt must include all eight of the leading whitespace characters to ignore the misspelled action argument. The following will not work:

misspelled-action-argment: hello world!

It must be:

        misspelled-action-argment: hello world!

When documenting ignored lines, please include an explanation and the targeted filename.


ignore_words.txt is used to configure the following setting:

  -I FILE, --ignore-words FILE
                        file that contains words that will be ignored by codespell. File must contain 1 word per line. Words are case sensitive based on how they are written in the dictionary file

Despite the fact that codespell does not match misspelled words case-sensitively, the words in this file must match the dictionary case. For example, codespell will complain that the common afterAll Jest hook function name should be changed to after all. The relevant dictionary entry is afterall->after all. Therefore, the ignore words file must read afterall, not afterAll.

Codespell’s dictionaries can be found here: