Development workflow#

To contribute code to Openverse, follow the following steps.

  1. Complete the general setup of your development environment.

  2. Fork the repository you want to contribute to. When you make a code change you will push the changes to a branch on your fork and make a PR to the original repo to incorporate those changes.

    Go to the repository page on GitHub and find the “Fork” button in the upper corner of the page. Click this and GitHub will guide you through the process of forking the repository.

  3. Make sure to go through the quickstart guide to have your local environment set up and running.

  4. Work on the issue you’ve chosen. Check out a new branch from main, named after the issue you’re solving. Create commits on this branch and push to your fork.

  5. Once you have the solution, make a PR from your working branch on your fork to the main branch on the origin repo. You can make a PR even before you have a solution, but you should mark it as a draft. That PR will automatically update when you create new commits on your work branch.