GitHub contribution practices#

Here are some of the practices we follow at Openverse when it comes to GitHub contributions.

GitHub labels#


There are many aspects in which the Openverse project can be improved. These can directly involve the code but there are other related areas such as documentation and interfaces.


Openverse projects span a lot of languages, frameworks, tools and technologies across the stack from JavaScript and TypeScript on the frontend to Python on the backend.


Openverse spans a tall stack, from the catalog at the innermost level, followed by the ingestion server, the API and the frontend. There is scope of improvement at each level.

Contributor friendliness#

We use two labels to identify issues that have been specifically created or selected for new contributors: “help wanted” and “good first issue”.

Help wanted#

These are issues that are friendly for outside contributors because they are not urgent, have well-defined scope and don’t need any special access, permissions or knowledge that contributors might not have.

Good first issues#

These issues are a subset of issues wanting help that are smaller in scope, make for a gentle introduction to the code and can be completed in under ~4 hours (including the setup).


In reality, the process can take more time if the setup process does not go smoothly. In such cases, we encourage you to share your experience in an issue. We will try to prevent those roadblocks for future contributors.

Items marked with the good first issue label are intended for first-time or new contributors. It indicates that members will keep an eye out for these issues and shepherd the contributors and their PRs through our processes.

All “good first issues” are “help wanted” but not vice versa.

Choosing an issue#

The right issue to work on is one whose aspect, technology and stack labels match your interested area of work. Making contributions will be easier if these align with your forte, but they don’t necessarily have to.

You can filter issues based on these labels to find one that matches all of the following criteria.

  • Is open.

  • Has the “help wanted” label.

  • Does not have someone working on it in the last ~7 days.

  • Has not recently been requested by someone else.

Once you’ve picked an issue to work on, please leave a comment saying so on the issue and tag @WordPress/openverse-maintainers in the comment. That way the team will be notified and one of us will assign the issue to you.