Made with Openverse#

The Openverse API provides access to the world’s largest library of openly-licensed creative works, containing over 700 million images and audio tracks. All Openverse content is under a Creative Commons license or is in the public domain.


Openverse cannot make any claims about the accuracy of license information. You should always verify the license of a particular work before using it.

As a developer, you can use the Openverse API to create incredible apps. Here are some apps powered by the Openverse API.


If you’ve made something using the Openverse API that you would like to share, let us know and we’ll feature it here!

The Openverse search engine is the primary user interface to the Openverse library. It is also the most actively developed and the first to feature new media types.

Available media: images, audio homepage

Raycast extension#

Openverse’s Raycast extension makes it extremely convenient to find, use and properly attribute images, all right from your desktop.

Available media: images

Raycast extension

Slack extension#

Openverse’s Slack extension provides a fun and easy way to search and insert Openverse images into Slack conversations, with attribution of course.

Available media: images

Openverse Slack

Gutenberg integration#

Openverse is integrated with the WordPress block editor, making it effortless to find and add images to websites with appropriate attribution in a single click.

Available media: images

Gutenberg integration

Jetpack blocks#

Openverse is also included in Jetpack’s image blocks so sites using Jetpack can take advantage of this functionality to use and attribute images in their websites.

Available media: images

Jetpack image blocks