Run Book: Nuxt Request Count anomalously high#

Severity guide#

Identify traffic anomalies in Cloudflare to determine if the increase is organic or due to a botnet.

  • If the increase is organic, we must update our baseline expectation of our services’ usages. The alarm thresholds should be updated if our services see higher usage frequently and consistently.

  • If the increase is a botnet attack, we need to block these agents to restore usage to the usual level.

We also need to verify that the requests are being handled properly and that our services are capable of meeting this demand (this can be observed from the CPU and memory metrics in the ECS dashboards in CloudWatch).

  • If our infra can handle the load, there is not much to do except continue to monitor that the resources stay within reasonable limits.

  • If our infra cannot handle the load, we must scale our services by increasing capacity or adding more instances.

Historical false positives#

Nothing registered to date.