Run Book: Nuxt 5XX responses count above threshold#

Severity guide#

Confirm there is not an outage.

Check if the connection to the API from Nuxt has been broken, which can result in Nuxt returning 5XX errors.

If the connection is present and working, try to determine the source of the 5XX errors (this can be checked by observing paths in the Cloudflare logs).

  • If the API requests are returning 2XX responses, the severity is low. But you should continue to investigate the source of 5XX errors, which could be an external service like Plausible.

  • If the API requests are returning 5XX responses, the severity is high. Further investigation into the API side is warranted to determine the cause for the 5XX responses. Also refer to the API 5XX runbook.

Historical false positives#

Nothing registered to date.