Template: Implementation Plan#

# {YYYY-MM-DD} Implementation Plan: {Implementation plan title}

**Author**: @username

<!-- See the implementation plan guide for more information: https://github.com/WordPress/openverse/tree/19791f51c063d0979112f4b9f4eeace04c8cf5ff/docs/projects#implementation-plans-status-in-rfc -->
<!-- This template is exhaustive and may include sections which aren't relevant to your project. Feel free to remove any sections which would not be useful to have. -->

## Reviewers

<!-- Choose two people at your discretion who make sense to review this based on their existing expertise. Check in to make sure folks aren't currently reviewing more than one other proposal or RFC. -->

- [ ] TBD
- [ ] TBD

## Project links

<!-- Enumerate any references to other documents/pages, including milestones and other plans -->

- [Project Thread]()
- [Project Proposal]({Project proposal path})

## Overview

<!-- An overview of the implementation plan, if necessary. Save any specific steps for the section(s) below. -->

## Expected Outcomes

<!-- List any succinct expected products from this implementation plan. -->

## Step-by-step plan

List the ordered steps of the plan in the form of imperative-tone issue titles.

The goal of this section is to give a high-level view of the order of implementation any relationships like
blockages or other dependencies that exist between steps of the plan. Link each step to the step description
in the following section.

If special deployments are required between steps, explicitly note them here. Additionally, highlight key
milestones like when a feature flag could be made available in a particular environment.

## Step details

Describe all of the implementation steps listed in the "step-by-step plan" in detail.

For each step description, ensure the heading includes an obvious reference to the step as described in the
"step-by-step plan" section above.

## Dependencies

### Feature flags

<!-- List feature flags/environment variables that will be utilised in the development of this plan. -->

### Infrastructure

<!-- Describe any infrastructure that will need to be provisioned or modified. In particular, identify associated potential cost changes. -->

### Tools & packages

<!-- Describe any tools or packages which this work might be dependent on. If multiple options are available, try to list as many as are reasonable with your own recommendation. -->

### Other projects or work

<!-- Note any projects this plan is dependent on. -->

## Alternatives

<!-- Describe any alternatives considered and why they were not chosen or recommended. -->

## Design

<!-- Note any design requirements for this plan. -->

## Blockers

<!-- What hard blockers exist that prevent further work on this project? -->

## API version changes

<!-- Explore or mention any changes to the API versioning scheme. -->

## Accessibility

<!-- Are there specific accessibility concerns relevant to this plan? Do you expect new UI elements that would need particular care to ensure they're implemented in an accessible way? Consider also low-spec device and slow internet accessibility, if relevant. -->

## Rollback

<!-- How do we roll back this solution in the event of failure? Are there any steps that can not easily be rolled back? -->

## Privacy

<!-- How does this approach protect users' privacy? -->

## Localization

<!-- Any translation or regional requirements? Any differing legal requirements based on user location? -->

## Risks

<!-- What risks are we taking with this solution? Are there risks that once taken can’t be undone?-->

## Prior art

<!-- Include links to documents and resources that you used when coming up with your solution. Credit people who have contributed to the solution that you wish to acknowledge. -->