Quickstart guide#

This is the quick start guide for setting up and running the documentation locally.


Refer to the general setup guide for setting up the prerequisites. Refer to the ‘Docs’ column in the requirement matrix to know what you need to run this.

Starting up#

  1. Ensure you download, install and set up all prerequisites.

  2. Clone the repository to your computer. Then switch to the cloned directory. If you’re planning to contribute, fork the repo and clone your fork instead.

    $ git clone https://github.com/WordPress/openverse.git # or your fork
    $ cd openverse/

    If you followed the general setup guide and installed GitHub CLI, you can clone more simply using the gh command.

    $ gh repo clone WordPress/openverse # or your fork
    $ cd openverse/
  3. Install only the Python dependencies. You do not need to install any Node.js dependencies to run the documentation.

    $ just documentation/install
  4. Run the documentation live server. Once this is done, you should be able to see the documentation on

    $ just documentation/live


    Sometimes, the documentation does not refresh to reflect changes in the table of contents or changes to the file system. In those cases, you can clean the caches and restart the live server.

    $ just documentation/clean
    $ just documentation/live

Shutting down#

You can press Ctrl + C to terminate the documentation live server.