Template: Project Proposal#

# {YYYY-MM-DD} Project Proposal: {Project proposal title}

**Author**: @username

## Reviewers

<!-- Choose two people at your discretion who make sense to review this based on their existing expertise. Check in to make sure folks aren't currently reviewing more than one other proposal or RFC. -->

- [ ] TBD
- [ ] TBD

## Project summary

<!-- A brief one or two sentence summary of the project's features -->

## Goals

<!-- Which yearly goal does this project advance? -->

## Requirements

<!-- Detailed descriptions of the features required for the project. Include user stories if you feel they'd be helpful, but focus on describing a specification for how the feature would work with an eye towards edge cases. -->

## Success

<!-- How do we measure the success of the project? How do we know our ideas worked? -->

## Participants and stakeholders

<!-- Who is working on the project and who are the external stakeholders, if any? Consider the lead, implementers, designers, and other stakeholders who have a say in how the project goes. -->

## Infrastructure

<!-- What infrastructural considerations need to be made for this project? If there are none, say so explicitly rather than deleting the section. -->

## Accessibility

<!-- Are there specific accessibility concerns relevant to this project? Do you expect new UI elements that would need particular care to ensure they're implemented in an accessible way? Consider also low-spec device and slow internet accessibility, if relevant. -->

## Marketing

<!-- Are there potential marketing opportunities that we'd need to coordinate with the community to accomplish? If there are none, say so explicitly rather than deleting the section. -->

## Required implementation plans

<!-- What are the required implementation plans? Consider if they should be split per level of the stack or per feature. -->