New Features#


  • Remove popularity constants view (#2883) by @stacimc

  • Update data refresh to use media tables (#2818) by @stacimc

  • Add codespell pre-commit hook (#2855) by @sarayourfriend

  • Update popularity refresh schedule and timeouts (#2819) by @stacimc

  • Adjust the date filter in Europeana to pull updates rather than created records (#2817) by @rwidom

  • Clean up Popularity Refresh notifications and adjust poke interval (#2740) by @stacimc

  • Corrections to the catalog & ingestion server deployment run books (#2690) by @AetherUnbound

  • Make batched_update DAG resistant to mid-update failures (#2570) by @stacimc

Internal Improvements#

  • Bump apache-airflow[amazon,http,postgres] from 2.6.3 to 2.7.0 in /catalog (#2869) by @dependabot

  • Bump apache-airflow[amazon,http,postgres] from 2.6.2 to 2.6.3 in /catalog (#2748) by @dependabot

  • Removed connection ID variables in favour of simply defining (#2386) by @duwarakan

Bug Fixes#

  • Revert changes to drop and recreate popularity constants views (#2864) by @stacimc

  • Drop and recreate pop constants instead of refreshing (#2841) by @stacimc

  • Prevent < and > in commit titles from breaking dag-sync slack message (#2837) by @AetherUnbound

  • Move data refresh complete Slack message from ingestion server to catalog (#2692) by @viktoriussuwandi