Testing guide#

Once you’ve made some changes to the codebase, it is important to run tests.

Ingestion tests#

  1. Ensure you’ve gone through the quickstart guide. Ensure that the Docker daemon is running.

  2. Install the Python dependencies, including dev-dependencies.

    just ingestion_server/install


    If you experience error installing psycopg2, refer to documentation about the psycopg2 build prerequisites.

  3. Run the integration tests.

    just ingestion_server/test-local

    Note that if an .env file exists in the folder you’re running just from, it may interfere with the integration test variables and cause unexpected failures.

Making general test requests#

To make cURL requests to the local server:

just ingestion_server/curl-post '{"model": <model>, "action": <action>}'

Replace <model> and <action> with the correct values. For example, to download and index all new images, <model> will be "image" and <action> will be "INGEST_UPSTREAM".